Following the statement released by the RFL this afternoon, North Wales Crusaders accept the decision of the governing body and wish to make clear that whilst we understand the rules surrounding contesting results we had asked for the decision to be reviewed due to the blatancy and magnitude of the error and being it falling in the last minute of the game.

We felt we had to ask the RFL as a duty to our fans and players as well as the response from most of the rugby league community.

The club would also like to express our disappointment at the lack communication received from the RFL.

The statement responding to our call for the decision to be reviewed was not sent to the club prior to being released and we were only informed of the response by a local media outlet, The Leader, who had received the communication from the RFL.

We are also disappointed by a comment made to club CEO Andy Moulsdale during a discussion with Steve Presley (head of the referees).

During the conversation Moulsdale was told that the referee had made a mistake, and would be reviewed and that some dialogue had already been had regarding previous incidents. With the same referee having noted the wrong score down in our game last year against Workington at home.

However, a comment made during that conversation was ‘you probably wouldn’t expect to beat Hunslet at home, but it’s still cost you a point’.

Moulsdale said: “This is a comment that has bemused the club, as in my opinion officials or anyone from the RFL should not have a perceived result in their head based on any clubs form or league standing and has added more confusion to a strange situation’

“We’ll move on from the incident and accept the RFL’s decision, but we do wish to express our disappoint at their last of communication with us regarding the matter.

“Our focus now turns to Sunday’s home match against Whitehaven.”

North Wales Crusaders will make no further comment on the incident.