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Rugby Players to Look Out for in 2020

The 2019 Super League was a historic one for the UK, especially for St Helens and their fans Merseyside. It was a victory they will savour for years to come. But, 2019 is gone and we are nearly halfway in 2020.

The year 2020 is going to be massive and these are the players that are going to make sure of that.

Jackson Hastings – Wigan Warriors

When it comes to technique, skills, and physical attributes, Hastings is surely on top. 2019 was a heart-breaking year for Hastings as the Salford Red Devils failed to clinch a Grand Final victory against St Helens.

It was an even bigger impact on Hastings after an astounding performance during the entire season.

Hastings topped the charts in carries and assists. He efficiently broke down top team’s defences all on his own. His mental endurance is limitless, and he is pushing to be better. Hastings is now with the Wigan Warriors. Everyone is excited to see what is in store for this player.

Jonny Lomax – St Helens

2019 was indeed a painful year for Hastings but it is the opposite for Jonny Lomax. If there is a player to match Hastings’ drive to win, that is Lomax. St Helens took home the championship title in 2019 and Lomax was no doubt the best player of the best team making him the best player during the 2019 season.

In 2019 alone, Lomax made 21 assists, 16 tries, and an impressive 90 tackle busts. Lomax may be behind Hastings when it comes to assists. But Lomax made more assists that counted.

Daryl Clark – Warrington Wolves

Daryl Clark is an all-around player, but he shines as a hooker for both attack and defence. Clark is a nightmare when he is on the defence and he is an even scarier nightmare when on the offensive.

In 2019, Clark had an average gain of more than 9.53, per carrying and was the second-best for dummy-half runs in the Super League.

Clark is hungrier this year to give the Wolves the championship they have been hoping for since 1955.

All players in this list are part of the super teams this year and everyone is excited to see what they accomplish for their respective teams. Subscribe for more updates on the Super League.

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