NORTH WALES CRUSADERS head coach Anthony Murray was left disappointed a frustrated by his side’s 50-6 defeat at the hands of play-off chasing Oldham.

The game saw Crusaders punished for their errors as they failed to make good ground against a strong Oldham side.

However, speaking after the game Murray expressed his disappointment in the manner of the defeat: “We’ve gone to Newcastle last week and got a great result and really worked hard but have then come away to Oldham and put in a performance like that, he said.

“Oldham are fighting towards the top of this league and they deserve to be there because they are a very good team, but sometimes you look at a defeat and the way in which you lose.

“Nobody likes losing but if you’ve given a good account of yourself then you can take it, but I’m really disappointed with the performance today.

“I’ve coached here for a long time and I’m really disappointed with the result here.”

He added: “You look to build momentum, and coming off the back of last week we had a chance to do that going into a tough run of games.

“I don’t know if some have been happy to go to Newcastle and get the win and then thought lets see what happens next, but that’s not good enough – we need to become a little bit more ruthless.

“We need to show that we can back up a good result, and I keep saying it but I’m just really disappointed with the manner in which we’ve lost today.

“Despite the result I wouldn’t say that Oldham were miles better than us, but what we did was give them a lot from penalties and errors, and if you give things away to good sides then they’ll punish you and that’s what has happened this afternoon.

“Our completion rate was really poor once again and we needed to run a bit harder and tackle a bit harder.

“We’ll go into next week now and we need to respond to this game in a big way.

“I’ll go away and review this game, I’ll pick it to pieces and I’ll need to make some changes, that’s quite clear.

“I’ll need to go and pick a team that is capable of responding next week, and that is what I’ll do.”

Murray’s Crusaders side will now look to bounce back to winning ways when they host Workington Town at the Queensway Stadium on Sunday (2.30pm kick-off).