England’s Greatest Rugby Players of All Time

One can safely say that Rugby in the UK is only the second favourite sport after football. However, Rugby is just as essential as football in the UK’s rich sports history. We’ve seen amazing players who transcended the game and inspired hundreds of aspiring players throughout the years.

Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson from Frimley is considered to be one of the best rugby players not only in England but throughout the globe. Wilkinson made himself one of the best during the 2003 World Cup. He scored the final and winning drop goal to give England the edge against rival team Australia.

It was a sweet moment, for England of course. But for the team from the land down under, it was painful. That loss was truly one of the most heart-breaking defeats in rugby history. After the tournament that year, Wilkinson had the most points of 113 followed by Frederic Michalak of France with 101.

After that game, Wilkinson solidified his name in history. But he made a lot of splashes not only in the world cup. Wilkinson was an all-rounder and that is probably how he managed to win 91 caps for England.

Lawrence Dallaglio

1993 was a glorious one for England and Dallaglio was one of the key players who made that happen. During the 1993 Rugby World Cup Sevens, he led the England team to victory alongside Andrew Harriman and Tim Robber.

In 2003, Dallaglio led England to yet another world cup victory as captain. That’s right, he played with the great Wilkinson and he managed to stand out. In 2004, he was replaced by Wilkinson as captain. To this day, Dallaglio is doing his part to inspire more kids to take on rugby and be great at it.

Rory Underwood MBE

Rory Underwood has 85 caps, 49 tries, 3 world cup victories, 2 Lions tours, and millions of people inspired by his rugby resume. From 1989 to 1999, Underwood led a whole era of rugby. Underwood is considered to be one of the best rugby players to wear the Red Rose. For some, he is considered to be the best of all time.

For his contributions to rugby, Underwood was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1992. He wasn’t just a rugby legend by the way. He was also a proud member of the Royal Air Force. He was an elite pilot who drove the Jet Provost TMk5A.

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