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2020 Super Teams of the Super League

Fans of the Super League are looking forward to how the 2020 season will turn out and which team will be crowned champions. At the beginning of the year, there are already predictions on which team will take it all the way.

Wigan Warriors

Wigan Warriors of Great Manchester have the most championship titles in the league. They have 22 titles with their latest victory in 2018. After failing to get their 23rd championship in 2019, the Warriors are looking for a strong comeback this year with coach Adrian Lam taking on the helm with the help of team captain Sean O’Loughlin.

One key for them to win another championship is scrumhalf, Jackson Hastings. He is expected to accomplish a lot this year. There are already speculations that the Warriors are going to take it all the way once more.

St Helens

After an iconic victory against the Salford Red Devils, St Helens are looking to clinch another championship this year for a back-to-back story. Team captain James Roby and all-around star Jonny Lomax are expected to lead the team this year with coach Kristian Woolf’s guidance.

St Helens won the 2019 Grand Finals with the help of former coach Justin Holbrook. There have been mixed predictions now that Holbrook is out, and Woolf is in. St Helens’ roster is still looking solid despite not having any formidable new members.

Salford Red Devils

It was a heart-breaking defeat for the Devils during last year’s Grand Finals against St Helens. Jackson Hastings, who is now with the Warriors is going to be a problem for the Devils this year. Some experts predict that the team won’t do much this year after losing their star player.

However, coach Ian Watson and team captain Lee Mossop are driven to tell yet another surprising story. Nobody speculated that the Devils would even make it to the Grand Finals last year. Yet, they did.

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